Self Defense/Shuai Jiao or Mongolian Grappling

Background of Shuai Jiao or Mongolian Grappling

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With a history reaching as far back as ancient texts dating to 2690 BC, Shuai Jiao is the ancient combative art of wrestling from China.  Known by many names throughout history, one of the most common names was “Jiao Di” with “Jiao” referring to horned helmets combatants would wear atop their heads to mimic the wrestling maneuvers of animals.  This name eventually changed to “Shuai Jiao” with “Shuai” meaning “throwing” and “Jiao” interchangeably meaning “horn” referring to the ancient practices or “throwing with leg” referring to the common leg kicking/sweeping motions seen in the art.

Citadel Class & Preparation

Citadel Class

In this class, students will be instructed in the stretches, strength training, and fundamental throwing maneuvers before graduating to kicks, strikes, joint locks, and pressure point strikes that combine with the throwing to make Shuai Jiao a complete combative art.

Preparation for Class

Traditional Shuai Jiao is taught in a jacket similar to but not the same as the jacket of the BJJ gi. Though students are encouraged to acquire and practice in the Shuai Jiao jacket, a gi top can be used as a substitute. For students without a gi, please wear a comfortable athletic top. Everyone should wear athletic pants. Wrestling, boxing or strictly indoor shoes can be worn, otherwise students should be barefoot


Paul Lopez



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Self Defense/Shuai Jiao

7:30pm - 8:30pm

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Self Defense/Shuai Jiao

with Coach Paul

7:30pm - 8:30pm