Citadel Class

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At Citadel Martial Arts, our main priority is our students safety and constant progression towards excellence. There are two forms to the art, Brazilian Jiujutsu (Gi) and Submission Grappling (No GI). Classes are run through several modalities and all levels are welcome. Class format is most often done through 4 stages.

  1. Warm ups are done by movements that translate to the art itself  
  2. A technique is taught which then goes through the drilling phase 
  3. Positional rolls (live practice) is usually after drilling, a student is encouraged to attempt the technique in a live round 
  4. Students and the instructor will discuss what was learned, what worked, and what didn’t.

History of Brazilian Jiujitsu

Brazilian jiujutsu is a combat sport that focuses on ground fighting and self defense. It is a sport that was built on the principles and philosophy of Hélio and Carlos Gracie. Brazilian Jiujutsu gained the popularity and respect of the martial arts community when Royce Gracie defeated a variety of formidable opponents at  UFC 1, a historic event that changed martial arts forever.

Class Preparation

Gi Classes


For gi classes, the use of the gi is recommended but students that do not own a gi may initially attend without.

No Gi Classes


For no gi classes, compression shirt or tight fitting shirt, and board shorts or compression pants recommended.